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F&DRS Member's Award

F&DRS Member's Award

  1. Only fully paid up members are eligible for this award.
  2. The Award is also available to Short Wave Listeners (SWLs) fully paid up club members.
  3. No cross band or mixed mode QSO's will be accepted.
  4. All applications must be submitted to the Awards Manager Contact Us
  5. A list showing full log book details, ie date, times, mode, band, the claimed callsign, signal report and the Award Class applied for.
  6. The Awards are free but donations will be welcome to cover cost of printing, etc.
  7. The Award is given at the discretion of the Farnborough and District Radio Society.


  1. QSO's submitted shall spell out the following "Farnborough and District Radio Society", a total of 34 QSO's.
  2. The letter of the callsign to qualify is the first letter following the last numeral in the suffix. Example; G4FRS "F" qualifies for the "F", G2DX will qualify for the "D", etc to make up the name.
  3. The award is issued for each single band/mode in HF, VHF or UHF, for example 80M/CW, 20M/SSB 2M/VHF, etc.


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