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G2DX Memorial Award

G2DX Memorial Award
Rules and Conditions


  1. Work 100 different countries which are outside one's own continent.

  2. All contacts must be made from one's own QTH.

  3. The countries worked must be as per the current RSGB or ARRL Country List.

  4. Only contacts after 1986 are valid for this award.

  5. No QSL cards are required but the submitted list of contacts must be certified by two fully licensed radio amateurs.

  6. The list is to include full log book details, ie date, times, mode, band, callsign, signal reports and must be submitted in alphabetical order.

  7. There are no band or mode restrictions. The award can be for a single band, Mixed bands, CW, Digital Mode, QRP etc.

  8. The Award is available to Short Wave Listeners (SWLs). Log information of date, time, stations heard and signal report must be submitted.

  9. The Award is given at the discretion of the Farnborough and District Radio Society.

  10. The cost of the G2DX Award is 5.00 Sterling, 5 Euro's, or $10 USD. This includes postage and packing.

  11. All applications for the G2DX Award are to be made to the  Society's Awards Manager. (Contact Us)

  12. Cheques, Money orders, and Postal Orders must be in sterling and made payable to the Farnborough & District Radio Society. Cash will be accepted at the sender's risk.


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