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History of our club call sign G2DX

Originally the Amateur Radio call G2DX was held by Ken Alford past President and founder member of the Farnborough & DRS.

Ken was licensed in 1912 and was Vice President of the RSGB.

As an early amateur radio pioneer he did much research and work on thermionic valves. He worked for the Marconi Company and with G. Marconi. He was mentioned in the Wessex ARS 10th Dec 1976 news.

On the 26th November 1924 he made one of the first amateur radio contacts between the UK and Australia. The contact was with amateur radio station 3BQ of Box Hill, Victoria, Australia on 86 meters.

Here are two QSL cards. G2DX's personal QSL card and a QSL card returning to G2DX from Australia. These cards come from the collections of Tony Quest G4UZN and John Heys G3BDQ.


G2DX QSL card

SWL Report 1925

SWL report from Australia in 1925