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Mills on the Air
9/10 May

Mills on the Air at Elstead Mill  9 to 10 May 2015

An excellent time was had by all those who came

We had a total of 362 QSO's mainly on 40M including 32 with other Mills using our special call sign GB2EM.  This exceeded our 2014  results when a total of 312 stations were spoken to.

Signal reports that we received were excellent caused in no small part by running the full legal power and the good soil conductivity under the aerial.

The equipment used was:- 

  • The club transceiver an FT-107M now 25 years old.

  • A superbly restored Heath kit 400 watt linear

  • A Pal Star AMU matched into a doublet antenna via coax and a 4:1 balun feeding 400 ohm ladder line.

  • The Linear was driven by a 1.9 kW Diesel generator set.

Setup took place on Friday afternoon and Evening. We even competed with the duck race that took place on Friday evening at the Mill!

The First transmission was at 00.00 hours on Saturday morning by G4OQZ who contacted two Swiss stations and a French station and one G station, without the use of the Linear. 

All the equipment performed faultlessly throughout the week end with the exception of an MFJ AMU.

Our thanks to Bob and Ann for providing light refreshments and food.

The use of the linear was a vast improvement in so much that stations were lining up to work us. 

Our Star contact has to be with a Light house that was working on 2.5 watts. 

Sunday lunch was very good at the Mill. The station was closed at 17.00 hours local time on the Sunday evening.

Many thanks to all those who took part and to those who organised this event so efficiently.
Our special thanks also goes to The Mill at Elstead for the help they provided

GB2EM is registered on eQSL.cc and also the bureau. Our QSL Manager will respond to all incoming QSLs and eQSLs.

Display Board
Display Board

Operating Tent
The Operating Tent, with the social tent behind.

One of the aerial masts
One of the aerial masts

The Station
The Station


The Social Tent
The Social Tent

In Front of the mast
In Front of the mast

Celebration Lunch
Celebration Lunch


We worked one of our overseas members, F4VPL.  His  set-up was IC 726 into an Icom AH3 Auto Atu. His antenna was a 9ft Whip with 15mtrs of wire clipped on the end going up into a tree. Picture below

F4VPL's set-up at  St Jacut Les Pins in France

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