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AGM Jan 2017


AGM 25 Jan 2017 

31 members attended, except for the Hernia Cup at 39, that's the highest turnout so far for meetings in the last 12 months. 

The following were elected as the committee

Chairman Kevin G7BCS
Vice Chairman Derek G3OFA
Treasurer & Membership Secretary Terry G7LTW
Member Anne M0LKY
Member Bob M0RCK
Member Craig M0XSG

As with most of the club meetings the event ended with a superb buffet provided by Bob and Anne

Thanks to everyone for coming

FDRS AGM 25 Jan 2017  1

FDRS AGM 25 Jan 2017  2

FDRS AGM 25 Jan 2017  3

FDRS AGM 25 Jan 2017  4

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